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ALIS is the one-stop cloud platform that enables you to access and manage all your preferred open-source apps

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What’s ALIS ?

The safe and flexible cloud platform
for all your preferred open-source apps.

Get a web hosting and a domain  name together and have access to all your applications in just a few clicks. From the comfort of your web browser, you install the web apps of your choice and we automate the system administration tasks for you.

Why ALIS ?

Ease of use

You won’t need cloud computing or IT infrastructure skills to use ALIS. It's as simple as: Choosing your domain name, selecting your hosting plan, and sourcing your apps from the ALIS app store. After you've completed these steps on our user friendly platform, you will be able to effectively and securely utilize and manage your apps in real-time from our continuously updated web-app, without worrying about security, backup or update issues. 


By selecting your ALIS offer, you will also receive best practice security protocols that will automatically be applied to your solution in the form of security patches, frequent backups, and ALIS IDS (our intrusion detection system). These security features offer you optimal and uninterrupted cloud system performance through continuous traffic monitoring, suspicious activity reporting, and blocking of malicious ventures and intrusions.

Alis Features

ALIS compared to other Cloud hosting providers, put several important features at your disposal:
LDAP solutions enable unique ID (identifier) for different apps, private DNS and secure mail server that implements dkim/spf/dmarc protocols. ALIS is bound to add more features in the future to make your life easier.

A comprehensive range of available apps

When you select your ALIS offer, we guarantee that the apps of your choice will be available on the ALIS platform. In the event that one of your desired apps has not yet been made available, our team will add it in rapid sequence to ensure that your requirements are met.

Gitlab, Nextcloud, Mastodon, Matomo and more ....

End-to-end deployment of apps

ALIS deploys a great number of ready-to-use open
source apps,freeing you from the hassle of tracking
upstream releases and keeping the installation secure.

Video conferencing

stay in touch with all your team members with Jitsi Meet, a fully secure, feature-rich and easy to use video conferencing solution.

File  Storage

Securely access and share your data with your colleagues or customers through any device using Nextcloud our cloud storage solution.

Project Management

manage your team and have a clear view of where your project is headed with Taiga, our easy and intuitive project management tool.



use Roundcube, fully-featured, easy to deploy and intuitive webmail app.

Do you want to host your favorite
open source apps in one single place?

With our cloud hosting services, we help you find
the best solution that suits your needs.

Who should use ALIS ?

Individuals and Home Offices:

Whether you’re an open source enthusiast, a developer, or a freelancer, looking to benefit from the advantages of using open source apps e.g. security, privacy, flexibility, ALIS saves you time by providing a complete integrated solution for apps, coupled with a cloud hosting services catered to your needs.

For businesses & Organizations:

Take control of your time and install all your Apps on ALIS. No need to manage security, backup or update issues, our platform performs end-to-end deployment of apps and automates tasks such as: DNS setup and certificate management (including the actual generation of your security certificates). ALIS also offers you enhanced cost-efficiency by allowing you to install unlimited apps (depending on your storage limitations) and manage them in a centralized cloud-based setup.