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Online conferences showed up this is one of the best option to maintain connections with people around the world. Families, friends, business partners and colleagues started to use video conferencing tools when they could not go out from home anymore and meet for real. But business cannot stop and should go on, so it is primordial to find the best video conferencing application which is easy to use and provides suitable services to let people work in an effective way. One of the most used video conferencing application during the quarantine period due to the COVID-19 pandemic was Zoom.


Why do we use Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform providing video-telephony and online chat services. People started to use it to organize or attend virtual conferences, webinars, conduct daily meetings and projects, to provide to students distance education and to preserve social relations between people.

However, within this period, Zoom’s users encountered important issues. It appears that the software has a 40 minutes limitation for each meeting which is very inconvenient within the framework of virtual conferences. Zoom also presented some security and privacy problems leading to stop the development of new features as the software was not so secure as its company claimed to be. 

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 Experts and researchers discovered a threat to user’s data protection. For example, iOS application has even been reported sending several information from your device to Facebook without explicit notice about it, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. Last but not least, as a platform hosted in the United States, Zoom is submitted to the Cloud Act. It’s sane to seek for alternatives to Zoom providing the same services with less limitations and no issues.

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Jitsi Meet


NextCloud Talk





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Let’s talk about open source alternatives to Zoom

Jitsi Meet, an application available in our ALIS app store, is considered one of the best open source alternatives to Zoom. It is a video conference solution which allows you to create a meeting or participate in a meeting online in a very easy way through its website or the mobile application. Jitsi Meet presents many handy features that makes it particularly useful for many users: It is free, open source, allows encryption and doesn’t need any registration. While conference is in progress, it offers the possibility to share files and your screen session with the other attendees, edit notes at the same time and also share your stream on Youtube. If you have a SIP bridge, you can also let people connecting the conference with their phone.



Jitsi Meet showed up that it is safer and handier to organize meetings at no cost. To create a conference, the host choose the conference identifier on Jitsi webpage, adds a password if conference is not public, and invite attendees by sending the meeting URL. Participants can join a meeting without installing any application and creating any account; they just have to choose a name, open the meeting URL in their browser and add the password provided by the host (Android and iOS application are available for better user experience on mobile devices). The meeting can start with no limited time, is completely secured and provide the accessibility to the tools from the browser. Finally, Jitsi meet is an open source application allowing users to access and/or modify the code which can gradually contribute to its improvement.

Nowadays, video conferencing tool became necessary in a project management team. You can find, Jitsi Meet in our App store, one of the best video conferencing and free software applications, supported by 8×8 company.

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NextCloud Talk shares the same features as Jitsi Meet but as the benefit of being directly integrated in your NextCloud instance. It provides chat, video & audio-conferencing using the browser’s built-in support for web real-time communication (WebRTC) libraries, screen sharing, allows to share files from your NextCloud and mentioning other participants included in NextCloud contacts. BigBlueButton is yet another videoconferencing solution running within your web browser. You click a link and your browser prompts you to join the audio bridge. There is no plugin to download, no software to install. BigBlueButton provides high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing using the browser’s built-in support for web real-time communication (WebRTC) libraries. BigBlueButton also provides a whiteboard, and it is especially well-designed for online training.


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