What are the different app categories available on ALIS app store?

How do i install my applications on ALIS?

Once your instance is up and running, all the selected applications are fully-deployed.


What if i change my mind and want
other applications than the ones selected?

- Log in to your ALIS instance at https://intranet. and browse the application store.

- Choose your application and click on the "Add" button
in order to send an email to our technical team who will:

• Check if your instance has enough resources to install the requested application.

• Activate the application when necessary

• Send you a more suitable ALIS offer in case of insufficient resources.

Check your email address to retrieve your credentials to access your intranet and use the applications you selected:

What if i want to uninstall an application?

An app can be uninstalled by clicking the “uninstall” button.
An email will be sent instantly to our technical team who will proceed
to remove the application from your ALIS instance.


How to access my account?

Log in to your ALIS application https://app.alis-wonderland.cloud, go to “Home” then “Profile Management”.

Is it possible to change info on my account?

Yes, to change information on your account, open “user account settings”.

You can change your password and your billing information (name, First name, address, etc…). Username and email address cannot be changed.

Can i cancel my account?

Absolutely, once you open your user account settings, you can submit an account cancellation request.

Please note:
This action is not reversible! If you cancel your account you will automatically lose access to the instances and domain names ordered. ALIS is bound to add more features in the future to make your life easier.


How to manage my users? 

Your ALIS instance includes its own LDAP server (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

  This LDAP directory streamlines the user login process and automates administrative tasks such as creating users and assigning them roles. With the LDAP management application of your choice, user management is far easier to maintain.


How to manage login credentials between admin and users?

The LDAP directory manages the different users.
When creating a new user account, the technical team sends email with the login credentials.  


How secure is my data?

Applications save data to a unique data compartment associated with the application and are isolated within another. In other words, an application A can’t access the application B’s data without permission.

How to recover my data in case of account
cancellation or Data loss?

A backup system is available upon request to provide additional security.


How to contact ALIS support?

On the intranet page, there is a “Support” button next to each application to contact the support team.